The Cignal - Push

The Cignal


The Gate

The Gate

Kia Pro C'eed - Changes Everything

Kia Pro Cee’d

Changes Everything

Merlin Thorpe Park - Director's Cut

Merlin Thorpe Park

The Swarm (Director’s Cut)

The Gate - Teaser

The Gate


The Cignal - Jam

The Cignal


Walls Cafe Zero - Mindblown

Walls Cafe Zero


Merlin Thorpe Park - The Swarm

Merlin Thorpe Park

The Swarm

Mitsubishi PHEV - Changing Perceptions

Mitsubishi PHEV

Changing Perceptions

Mitsubishi-Shogun - Changing Perceptions

Mitsubishi L200

Changing Perceptions

Mitsubishi Mirage - Changing Perceptions

Mitsubishi Mirage

Changing Perceptions

Mitsubishi Shogun - Changing Perceptions

Mitsubishi Shogun

Changing Perceptions

The Cignal - Speedometer

The Cignal



Mitsubishi Shogun


Mitsubishi L200 - Glass

Mitsubishi L200


Mitsubishi PHEV - Live Edge

Mitsubishi PHEV

Live Edge


Mitsubishi ASX



Mitsubishi Mirage


Noisy Shorts - Gut Bucket

Noisy Shorts

Gut Bucket


Matt Westrup has been generating content for the media and entertainment industry for over 15 years. His clients have included Mars Confectionery, Smirnoff, Seat Cars, Barclays, Volkswagen, Kia, Nestle, Proctor and Gamble and Unilever.

As a film maker, Matt is able to draw on a number of creative disciplines that he has honed during his career to date.

Demonstrating an aptitude for art from a young age, Matt left high school and enrolled in art college and after graduating, began his professional career as a freelance commercial illustrator, specialising in uniquely realised character design. As 3D software became more affordable to individual artists, Matt took advantage of the digital technology to break into the visual effects industry, which was an area of film making that had always captivated him. Although highly competent and successful as a 3D generalist, he naturally gravitated to specialising in creature and character creation.

Now recognising the creative outlet that directing could offer him, Matt wrote and directed (as well as generating all of the visual effects for) ‘The Gate‘. The award winning short film made it onto the Viewfinder list, gaining immediate interest from Hollywood studio executives and producers and establishing Matt’s position as a cogent film maker.

Combining realistic, fantasy elements and live action has now become something of a trademark of Matt’s work and he thrives on the exciting combination of storytelling and creative diversity that the directing process presents.

His extensive artistic skill set and visual effects background provide valuable, extra strings to his directing bow and also enables him to fluently converse with the post teams throughout production.



US Feature Film and TV

Pacific View Management
Contact: Peter Dealbert
Phone: (310) 526 3131

CAA (Creative Artists Agency)
Contact: Rob Herting
Phone: (424) 288 2000

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Character Ark

To clearly define his character design work in its own right, Matt has a companion website.

Character Ark features examples of Matt’s character and creature designs and illustrations. It also includes any concept art that he has generated for his directing projects.

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